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Christian Laursen, Movie Director and Writer

Wounded Love, the movie

I want to recommend Marie Goodwyn's HTML5 web service.

I had a website that was developed in Adobe's new HTML5 tool, Edge Animate and needed to setup a functioning database, an input page and review page. As HTML5 knowledge and especially the Edge tool is quite new, I needed an expert that was closely familiar with it. This is when I rememberer Marie from the Adobe forum (handle: resdesign) where she had previously helped me with some programming questions (on local vs global variables). I wrote to her and she quickly responded giving a quote to program it. As I know production well and had a limited budget but needed quality, I gave her as much time to do it right. She did a great job and I was very happy at the end result. So if you need an Edge Animate/HTML5 expert, feel .

Note: Christian Laursen is a talented movie maker to whom we wish the best in his career. Please visit where his first movie is available for screening and review.

Karen Chavez, Owner

KSC Productiions

Marie Goodwyn was a great asset to my Web Design company. Not only was she easy to work with but her ideas and graphic designs were beyond my expectations.

She was very responsible, always meeting her deadlines and the final work always looked wonderful. Our clients were satisfied with the level of professionalism and look of their websites.

If in the future this venue opens up again for me, I will not hesitate in hiring her services again.

Didier Chardez for the Ecoles Européennes (EU Diplomatic Schools)


I am the author of comic books and I also work for the Ecoles Européennes (European Schools) for which I create illustrations and layouts for math units.

While working on a project to implement interactive math practice exercises for our online curriculum, I had the privilege to collaborate with Marie Goodwyn and her associates.

They were in charge of the coding for the animations created in Edge Animate as well as the implementation of the portal to deliver them and I can only praise their professionalism.

I highly recommend this efficient team.

Didier Chardez - Auteur de BD - Illustrateur

Didier Chardez - Comic Book Author - Illustrator


Je suis auteur de bandes dessinées et je travaille notamment pour les Ecoles Européennes, pour lesquelles je réalise illustrations et mises en pages de manuels de mathématiques.

Dans le cadre de la réalisation d’exercices interactifs complémentaires à mettre en ligne, j’ai eu l’occasion de collaborer avec Marie Goodwyn et associés.

Ils se sont chargé de la programmation complète des animations réalisées dans Adobe Edge Animate ainsi que de la programmation générale du portail avec un professionnalisme dont je n’ai qu’à me louer. Je recommande vivement cette équipe efficace!

Erica Rodriguez

Henry the Little Fish for iPad

Marie Goodwyn and the MJPage Design group did a wonderful job on my project! I dealt directly with Marie, and she, in turn, communicated with the group. She delivered first-rate work on time and on budget. I really can’t say enough good things about this team.

My Edge Animate project was at a complete standstill until I found edgeHero on the Adobe forums of which Marie Goodwyn is an active participant and tutorial writer. I have no coding experience at all, but that didn’t bother Marie a bit. She was able to take my wish list and turn it into reality. She was professional, polite, and very knowledgeable. I will definitely use MJPage Design again for any, and all of my html, css, and Javascript related issues. I highly recommend them!

Henry The Little Fish – An interactive children’s story book app by Pipit Press

Emmanuel Mebasser

Web Evangelism Innovator - Jews for Jesus

We asked Marie Goodwyn to help us with a special project that we could not complete in-house with our programming team for many months. In a very short time she helped us organize and find a solution for calculating a complicated relationship compatibility quiz.

We are so grateful for her help and expertise and look forward to working with her on future projects.

Adobe Personnel

Preran Kumar

Senior Support Product Manager - Web Products, Adobe

Marie Goodwyn is among our most valued ACPs on Adobe Forums. In the many years in which I have had the good fortune of working with Marie, I know her to be persistent and patient, as also meticulous and methodical when using her expertise to explain a situation or solve an issue. Her constant presence on the Edge Animate forum makes me rest assured that the space is in good hands. I highly recommend Marie to everyone that desires to employ her services.

Elaine Chao

Product Manager, Adobe

Marie was an enthusiastic community member for the Adobe Edge Animate product, and quickly became one of our top contributors in the forums, going above and beyond to consult with other users on their problematic code over a few years. She did this out of her own free time, and demonstrated both a keen understanding of people’s issues and incredible patience as she worked with them to resolve their issues. Her passion and enthusiasm for our product and for her work was contagious, and I was impressed by how she encouraged everyone around her and how she quickly learned and applied anything that was put in her path, including some of the best practices I suggested to her. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her a couple of times since I moved onto other products at Adobe, and she’s quick, intelligent, and compassionate, all of which are great traits to have in a team member. Double thumbs up!

Users on the Edge Animate Forum

Davide Pepe

website owner

Marie is simply GREAT! We never met each others personally but she helped me a lot when I was creating my very complex html5 website almost four years ago.

Even today, every time I need to know how to make something HTML5 or web related, I run some search on the web and there her answers are showing up!

A new or an existing reply to solve a problem more often than not comes from her!!!!!!


Amir Rahim

Web Designer

I love Marie! I could not have finished without her expertise. It was late at night and her quick fix to my Edge project saved me much time and headaches.... she only had a few hours of sleep thanks to me. Again, thanks!

Pierro form Italy

Web Designer

Wow, it's perfect!!! Now the dock is where it should be, centered and attached to the bottom, with any browser, with windows of any size.

You could not make me better gift for Christmas...You are a genius!!!

So THANK YOU very very much...and happy holidays!


Forum user

Marie, AKA Redesign, is a helpful, friendly and extremely knowledgeable member of the Adobe Edge community, who has helped me work out many solutions to my Edge Animate problems and also helped to improve my code knowledge. Redesign also encourages the user to seek out and work out the problem with friendly tips, but will also elaborate further if needed. redesign is not only a fantastic member of the Adobe community but is above all friendly and I am grateful to have the pleasure of knowing her on the forum.

Laurent Crombé

Laurent C. – Belgian Interactive Web Designer - Graphikconcept Studio

As an Interactive Web Designer, I had been using Flash for many years but when it ended, I had to find another solution for my interactive websites. I met Marie on the Adobe Edge Animate forum and she helped me a lot many times while I was working on my projects.

I can’t count how many times when I get stucked on projects I asked her help and she was the one who found the solution to solve the problem.

She has not only a lot of knowledges in different areas, but her experience is a great addition value to any project you want to work with her.

David Gaucher

Forum User, Montreal

Working with Edge Animate from Adobe, a relatively young software, to create dynamic web sites using javascript and HTML 5, I’ve finally hit a wall with the site I was creating.

All the composition got lost and I could only recover the published version from the host server, but Edge Animate would not re-open it. The Original files with which the site was created were missing.

I had been puzzled for at least 3 weeks with that problem. First, to understand what was the problem, the Edge Animate error message ( "Loading fail. Please check out file for javascript error”) was not giving any useful information to recover the site. I went for help to 3 other teams who were using javascript for website creation. None of them had a clue. I could not find an answer on the Adobe site either. I could not find a clue in any discussion group.

But I contacted Marie Goodwyn who is really active on discussion groups related to Edge Animate and Javascript. After 2 or 3 email exchanges with Marie, mostly to share the problematic files, she had an intuition, found the solution and solved it. She sent me back a perfectly working set of files.

It took her probably 20 minutes to sort it out!

I couldn’t be more happy.

Patric King

House of Pretty, Chicago

Marie’s craftiness easily solved a code problem I’d been wrestling with for couple of weeks, and in a matter of hours, in creating a conceptual paradigm that should already exist inside Adobe’s Edge Animate animation environment. I recommend, with gusto, that you hire her as a collaborator for any JavaScript-based challenge; her work is top-shelf stuff.

House of Pretty